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The electronic component industry in India is expected to grow at a rate of over 24% each year from 2012-2020. This rapid growth is fuelled by the rising demand for consumer electronic goods and consumer appliances that heavily require small electronic components during assembly or manufacture of the main product.

Penetration of electronic appliances is going up owing to rising rural incomes that have spurred demand and kick-started growth. This online electrical components business directory of India lists out the leading players in this industry by geographical area and their portfolio of products.

Consumers today have a sharp insight into the best technologies and manufacturing practices being followed in the west and they desire the same as they are willing to pay for them. Through this online business directory of electrical components in India, you will get an insight into the most-in demand imported products and the technologies being demanded by the burgeoning middle-classes.

You can call, email, sms any of these leading companies to get quotes for consumer appliances and white goods that are demanded by India’s 400 million strong middle class.