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The Indian tools and hardware industry is slated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 13% in the coming few years. Sluggish demand in the domestic sector and the inability of Indian manufacturers to compete internationally with Chinese products has dimmed market sentiments.

Imports of cheap finished goods from Japan, China, Germany, Europe, and America have reduced the cost of production. But they affect India’s fiscal deficit as our imports exceed our exports making the country to borrow more. However, our online tools and hardware business directory lists out small players who are under pressure have got their act together and are giving stiff competition to bigger players and are even competing internationally.

Rising demand from the automotive sector, metal forming and metal cutting industries offer bright prospects for this industry as 40% of the demand is from the auto-component sector. CNC based machining is gaining momentum owing to its accuracy and in this tools and hardware online business directory of India, you can get contact information of both CNC and non-CNC tools providers.

Apart from this, you can directly contact the companies listed in this directory through phone, email or sms and even through the call me free facility offered exclusively by us.