Each piece of information or content such as company name, url, address, phone number, name, and details that are available on a website belonged to user, and they are submitted it by themselves.

Infolake.in is not committed for information or content that is being submitted by users for the accuracy, truthfulness, and legality. It’s only intermediate online platform for India buyers, suppliers, manufactures, exporters, and distributors. Infolake.in has no control over the data, which is being submitted by users on a website, so there is no surety about the correctness of data or content. There is no source of buyer or source identity verification by Infolake.in. It’s fully advisable to buyers, suppliers, vendors, distributors whom they interact on a website through using data, which are available on a website. However, infolake.in does not offer any kind of guarantee about data accuracy on a website.