Banner Advertising

Banner - Advertising

Infolake offers you banner-advertising service where you can show up your business banner and achieve the paid traffic that you require for your business. It is an organic way to place your Ad and you do not have to pay huge bucks and loss your money. We relatively give you some options of creativity, which will help you place the ads with more style and twist. Just a simple Ad is so boring these days. Isn’t it?


Why will you our platform?

We are leading online business directory and what can be more relevant than a business directory where you can place a banner ad of your business in the related category that we offer to our target audiences. If you are into plumbing business, then our platform is best because we deal in plumbing business directories and people can visit your website, contact you for more services. What say? Is this profitable?


Where do you want to place?

Placing a banner ad has a real impact. It speaks about your business and services. So, do not try to go over the board and let’s discuss the same with our experts. They are always here to help you and give you competitive analysis of the advertisements.


Come to us and at Infolake we work as a family and your business is a member of our family. We are open to any type of business communication and therefore, help you to give you the limelight that will actually take close to your customers.

 Banner Advertising 

BOOM Offer for You....on

(5000+ Visiters)

Banner Advertisement on Home Page (with Description,Personalised URL and Contact no.)

Size-135 mm * 70 mm.

Referral Traffic.

5 Confirm & Genuine Leads.

Free Whatsapp Marketing
( 1000 Business Group)

Free Facebook Marketing
( 1200 Business Group)

Direct Inquiries by Calls.

These are all in just Rs.2500 / Months

Note: Will Continue to run your campaign even after 30 days if you don't  Get 5 Genuine Business Leads

More Details Call /Whatsapp: 9825446878

Place-Homepage. Repeate 200 times per day.

Banner-Display with Your Discription and Website URL,Contact No. 

Stay Time-5 Second.


Bottom Gallery Advertising

Size-85 mm * 70 mm

Place-Homepage. Repeate 144 times per day.

Banner-Display with Image

Stay Time-5 Second.

Price- just Rs.200 / Month